Thursday, April 17, 2008

Men at work

We have been unusually silent for sometime now. We had to be, after all it takes a lot to build the most happening juice bar in town. So bear with our silence, and keep putting ur comments we promise to revert on each and every comment.

The update as of now is:
eneral Civil work is over
Last interior designs have come up. They are fantastic and Ahmedabad is surely gonna love it.
Already work on interiors has started, its gonna take another fifteen days before we can use it.
Simultaneously the menu design and item finalization is happening.
Slogan and logo are still a tricky part, yes we are being nosy and are very particular about every detail.
Freaking out on staffing, apart from the bartender nothing is finalised should get over on this weekend
U'LL get to see IPL matches on a fancy LCDTV along with the mocktails and exotic combination juices.

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Patchez said...


Your wishes granted! :)

Now I'm going to do something more soon /:) but let the biggies be over this month :\