Monday, June 2, 2008

Now Open

Glassfull is open for u all now. The place is up and running. Its beaming with confidence. The place is smiling at all the pass byers and that’s y everyone is interested and curious to know what glassful is all about. The place looks hap and happening with all the modern lighting we have done. The ambience is made ultra exciting with the latesht engleesh songs playing all the time. The place is too cool, thanks to two big ACs we have installed. Its funky, if u talk about the backdrop of the place. And its rocking when it comes to our menu.

We have launched the business in various phases.
Phase 1: Friends and family, this was a small function attainded by friends and family. The objective was to launch the place on stipulated date and meet the mahurat deadlines
How we felt: hmmm good, they love the drinks clients will love it too

Phase 2: Friends and their friends, this was a testing phase. Actually though we were ready we were not very ready to serve customers (after all we want to give u the very best only). During this phase people were invited to come and test our drinks and snacks. The response thankfully was good
How we felt: Have fun, next time u better pay for whatever u have ;)

Phase 3: Silent and hot walk ins: we did not create any noise when we started, this was because ours being a new building the power supply was not enough to run AC. So we hired a couple of air coolers (we are not kidding) and pedal fans to cool up the place and started the show.
How we felt: Hey bhagwan ye power kab ayega?

Phase 4: AC is on, food is good but we are still silent.
How we felt: Finally!!!

Phase 5: we will unleash it only on Coming Sat. Keep an eye on us.

Here we are
we've just begun And after all this time
our time has come Ya here we are
still goin' strong Right here in the place where we belong